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Our Privacy Policy Explained:

  1. Registration for n8n cloud: When you register with us, we collect your name and email to establish a contract that allows you to access our platform. PostHog is used to optimize our service and user experience. Our Merchant of Record, Paddle, collects additional data including address and credit card information for payment processing. You can delete your n8n cloud account via the product. More details can be found in our docs.
  2. Personal n8n deployment: If you opt-in to install n8n on your server, we collect your email address for communication purposes. For paid plans, we collect your name, email address, company address, and the name and email address of other company contacts. Paddle processes your payment. We also collect anonymous usage information to enhance our services and protect against potential security attacks. More details can be found in our docs.
  3. Community forum registration: We collect your email address or social media handle to create your forum account. You can delete your forum account by emailing us at
  4. Event attendance: We may collect your personal information at our events or third-party events. Photos or videos may be taken for promotional purposes. You can opt out by contacting us at
  5. Contacting us: We collect your name and contact details when you reach out to us with queries.
  6. Social media interaction: We process your handle, name, and email address to respond to your comments and queries.
  7. News updates: We handle your personal information to provide you with our news updates. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in our emails, or by emailing
  8. Expert registration: We collect your name, email address, and company details to communicate with you about the n8n expert program.
  9. Affiliate registration: We collect your name and email address to communicate with you about the n8n affiliate program.
  10. Website usage: With your consent, we collect information about your website usage to improve our services. Google Analytics is used if you have given consent to the use of cookies.
  11. Job applications: We collect your personal information during the recruitment process to assess your suitability for available roles.
  12. Business sale: We process your personal information to ensure our business can be continued by the buyer.

Data Storage:

Your data is stored in the EU. Additional protection is provided when transferring your personal information outside of the EU. More details can be obtained by contacting us at

Data Retention:

We store your personal data as long as necessary for its intended purposes, legal or reporting requirements, and in accordance with our legal obligations and legitimate business interests.

Data Protection Rights:

You have various rights under data protection laws, including the right to access, correct, erase, restrict, transfer, object to our use of your personal data, and withdraw your consent. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with your relevant supervisory authority.


Your feedback and suggestions on this notice are welcome. Please email us at This privacy policy was last updated on July 25, 2023. Previous versions can be found here and here.
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